About Spoken

Jazz, contemporary and classical are among the many genres the band uses to sculpture their narrative and filmic sound. Spoken presents a modern and exciting repertoire, with an interesting mixture of the many beautiful sounds of the saxophone. They perform this in a personal and original style, with appreciation of the rich jazz history, lightly topped with a healthy dose of humor.

The group has recently released their debut album ‘Arctic Monsoon’. On this debut album, the musicians of Spoken create a surreal world where nothing is quite what it seems. Mysterious, elusive and narrative. The album is the result of the group’s collaboration with drummer Friso van Wijck and vocalist Sanne Huijbregts. Together with these great musicians, the group did a project called SPOKEN + 2, which won the Keep an Eye Jazz Award – the Records in 2017 in the BIMHUIS.

Spoken has recently performed on the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam, the Cutting Edge Jazzfestival in The Hague and in De Doelen in Rotterdam.

Stephanie Francke (Alto / Soprano Saxophone)
Wietse Voermans (Alto Saxophone)
Matthias Van den Brande (Tenor Saxophone)
Ruben Verbruggen (Baritone Saxophone)
+ 2
Sanne Huijbregts (Vocals / Loopstation)
Friso van Wijck (Percussion)


Order your physical copy of our debut album ‘Arctic Monsoon’
The album comes with a poem that Maarten Inghels wrote especially for Spoken, plus a digital download code which you can use or give away.

Spoken - Arctic Monsoon


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Album Release July 5th in Kantine Walhalla at North Sea Round Town

We enjoyed ourselves very much during the album release of Arctic Monsoon.
Maarten Inghels performed and read a few of his poems.
Thanks a lot to everybody who came out!


Upcoming concerts

  • Spoken Quartet | Next Generation Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels

Past Concerts


Dec 1, Keep an Eye The Records in Concert, BIMHUIS
October 26, Festival Jazz International Rotterdam
September 6, Album Release, De Nieuwe Vrede, Antwerpen
July 5, Album Release, Kantine Walhalla Rotterdam
May 30, Citadelic Festival, Ghent
May 21, Jazz in Feerwerd, Groningen


Dec 9, Keep An Eye, The Records BIMHUIS Amsterdam
Dec 8, Splendor Amsterdam
Dec 2, Livingroom concert Haarlem
Dec 1, livingroom concert Den Haag
Nov 18, Cutting Edge Jazzfestival Den Haag
Nov 17, Huiskamerconcert Lier
Nov 12, Huiskamerconcert Broek in Waterland
Aug 12, Grachtenfestival Amsterdam
July 2, NSRT Rotterdam
July 1, Huiskamerconcert Den Haag
June 24, Jazzboot Rotterdam
March 31, Jazz International Rotterdam De Doelen Rotterdam


Okt 14, Jazz zolder Mechelen
Aug 21, Prive concert Dordrecht
July 17, Summertime festival Den Haag
June 24, North Sea Round Town Rotterdam
June 5, City Art Rotterdam
June 2, Huiskamerconcert Izegem
May 8, Dag van de Rotterdamse Jazz
May 3, De Nieuwe Regenter Den Haag
Feb 25, Het Klokhuis Antwerpen
Feb 21, De Nieuwe Ruimte Rotterdam
Feb 7, Jazz in Crooswijk Rotterdam
Feb 6, Huiskamerconcert Kontich
Jan 28, Huiskamerconcert Den Haag



Stephanie NL: +31 6 25572493
Ruben BE: +32 4 76523307
spokenquartet [at] gmail.com