Wietse Voermans’s work, as a saxophonist, composer and improviser, encompasses a variety of settings ranging from Spoken with a warm and filmic approach to the Italian-Slovenian-Dutch Quartzite 4tet with a high energy and rhythmical approach. Most of Wietse’s activities in recent years have been exploring different approaches of composing, playing and fulfilling multidisciplinary projects. He enjoys discovering new possibilities and developing a different understanding of his saxophone. On that account he never shies to take up a challenge and therefore is known for a unique sound and style. He composes for the projects Spoken and Quartzite 4tet. Furthermore he has composed for film, art, theatre and other ensembles. Wietse Voermans graduated at Codarts conservatory of Rotterdam in 2015, after finishing his final year of the master in saxophone and composition at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. In 2016 he made it to the finals of the Erasmus Jazz Prize where he won the prize for ‘best soloist’. In recent years Wietse has toured all over Europe with various collaborations and he has established a leading or sideman role within several interesting projects varying from multidisciplinary free-impro to contemporary composed music projects. These are all mainly leaning towards the left-of-center jazz, contemporary, improv genre within the jazz scene. 

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